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Paula Morgan

Founder and Principal
Paula Morgan put the “Morgan” in Morgan Consulting Resources when she founded the firm in 1995. Since then, she has matched numerous talented healthcare executives with leading healthcare companies. Before founding Morgan Consulting Resources, Paula served in senior leadership positions with Sierra Health Services (now part of UnitedHealth Group), the largest managed care organization in Nevada.
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Lu Miller

Principal and Senior Vice President of Business Development
Lu is one of our resident experts on health insurance products—and the challenges associated with finding the right employees for a rapidly expanding organization. Just ask her what it was like to help manage a division of UnitedHealth group that grew from 10 to approximately 1,800 employees in just six years.
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Rosie Saenz

Co-Managing Partner/Executive Recruiter
An executive recruiter has to be curious. She has to know what makes candidates tick and what clients really want in that elusive ideal employee. That’s why Rosie is so good at what she does—she asks the questions that need to be asked, and delights in learning new things.
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Lynn Barboza

Executive Recruiter
A recruiter who’s been a hiring executive, Lynn brings the client perspective to her role with Morgan Consulting, along with her experience managing the recruiting and selection division for the City of Las Vegas Human Resources Department. The varying hiring needs of the city’s 22 departments honed the skills Lynn brings to executive search. She’s keenly aware that recruiting the right person for a health care leadership role is a combination of art and science.
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Lisa Coyne

Co-Managing Partner/Executive Recruiter
Lisa became Morgan Consulting Resources’ first mile-high recruiter when she opened the firm’s Denver office in 2004. Before that, she worked in the firm’s San Francisco offices for four years. And before that, she worked as an investment professional, most recently with Montgomery Asset Management, where she built trusting relationships with high-net-worth clients to help manage their portfolios.
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Donna Hulse

Principal and Vice President of Finance and Operations
Donna brings the perspective of administration, analysis, and accounting to the Morgan Consulting Resources team. Her solid management background in financial, strategic planning, operations, sales, and customer service provides a foundation for executive recruitment grounded in the realities of the business environment. She thinks on her feet and welcomes the many challenges that come with a growing enterprise.
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Julianne Schoepp

Principal and Executive Recruiter
Julianne helps deliver results, both figuratively and literally: As a recruiter with over 20 years of experience in conducting executive searches, she helps professionals and healthcare organizations make a match that creates a better outcome for all. And as a certified birth doula, she provides women and their partners with compassionate support for the entire birth experience.
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Alex Drury

Principal & Vice President of Business Development
One of the newest members of the Morgan Consulting Resources team, Alex is a born recruiter. In fact, his entire career has been focused on recruiting, as he moved from college recruiting and academic counseling to recruiting for insurance companies, before finding his interest caught by healthcare recruiting.
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Kim Phillips

Executive Search Consultant
Kim is an executive recruiter who brings a broad range of experience in executive leadership roles in third-party administration, sales, employee benefit consulting, managed care, population health and wellness.
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