Interim placements

Providing interim, high-quality leadership

“You and your team are the most experienced and knowledgeable recruitment professionals with whom I have ever worked, and your success rate has been outstanding. The quality of the candidates you have presented has been exceptional, both medically and professionally. These new members of our team have proven to be tremendous assets to our business and to the medical community as a whole.”

— President/Managing Director, Quest Diagnostics

When you suddenly find yourself needing a new executive to lead a group, a division, or even your entire organization, you want to make sure you’re making the right choice, even if that person will only be in that position for a short period of time. Morgan Consulting Resources can help you do just that. We’ll work with you to understand your unique requirements, and then leverage our extensive network of healthcare professionals to quickly find the right interim executive for your organization.

In a perfect world, you’d have plenty of time to fill an open position, particularly for critical executive roles. However, sometimes you need someone to temporarily step into a leadership role to keep your organization moving forward while you look for the right person to take on the job.

Featured Interim Consultant

Morgan Consulting Resources, Inc. is pleased to work with Interim Consultants across the continuum of health care. This quarter our featured consultant is:

DeltaSigma, LLC

DeltaSigma Principals, Don Hall, MPH and Sherry Rohlfing have developed a healthcare consulting practice that focuses on creating dramatic results for their clients. DeltaSigma offers innovative approaches to developing growth strategies, identifying cost drivers and to responding to changes in the managed care market.  Services are available on a project or retainer basis.

Retainer Services include:

  • Strategic advice
  • Market perspectives
  • Competitive positioning
  • Product and market strategy
  • Messaging
  • Business growth and prospect qualification
  • Marketing synergies and relationship development
  • Health Policy
  • Clinical support services
  • Clinical oversight and policy development
  • Provider network relationship development, including FQHCs
  • Interim leadership

Client projects have included:

  • Strategic plans
  • Growth and diversification plans
  • Scenario Planning
  • Healthcare industry best practices
  • Innovative vendor identification
  • RFP strategy
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