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Lisa Coyne

Principal & President / Executive Search Consultant
(303) 691-2922

Lisa became Morgan Consulting Resources’ first mile-high recruiter when she opened the firm’s Denver office in 2004. Before that, she worked in the firm’s San Francisco offices for four years. And before that, she worked as an investment professional, most recently with Montgomery Asset Management, where she built trusting relationships with high-net-worth clients to help manage their portfolios.

The experience of earning the trust of clients with a great deal at stake served Lisa well as she transitioned into recruiting. Today, Lisa loves how she gets to know each candidate she works with and helps him or her find the best fit—that perfect job that matches the candidate’s talents, priorities, and lifestyle factors with the needs of the healthcare client. She looks beyond the resume and position requirements to see how skills and experience, applied in a new way, can create something well beyond the expected.

Lisa is an adventure traveler who gets excited about things like fording a river in the middle of the night to reach nesting endangered turtles, or snowshoeing off-trail in the Rocky Mountains. Her newest adventure is parenting two adopted children who have stolen her heart and transformed her life.

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