Workplace Wellness Trends

Our Thoughts
August 27, 2019

We are in the day and age of overwhelming. The likelihood that your office is constantly buzzing is high. It’s buzzing with information, buzzing with daily tasks, and buzzing with people, all of which ultimately distracts employees.


In recent years, companies have been making an effort to combat this by integrating workplace wellness techniques. When employees are encouraged to disconnect or engage in self-care, there’s often a correlation in increased efficiency and higher profitability. Curious? Here are the top workplace wellness trends that companies are implementing:


Trend #1:Wellness focused on health

It’s been trendy for quite some time for the top offices to have unhealthy (yet incredibly attractive) features like bagels, soda or candy. Not exactly the picture of wellness. In 2019, the top companies promoting wellness are saying goodbye to those office snacks and hello to hummus, veggie chips, almond butter, bananas,nuts, and more. It’s a little way to show employees that health matters. Not only does the company support your need for a mid-morning boost, but it also supports keeping it a healthy choice.


Trend #2:Wellness focused on fitness

Have you ever had someone tell you to go to the gym or for a run when you’re stressed?It’s probably because exercise naturally releases stress by producing endorphins. A current trend in the workplace is providing an avenue for employees to get that exercise in both big and small ways. Whether it’s providing a benefits package that includes access to a gym or workout classes like yoga or promoting in-office activities like mid-day stretches or meditation.


Trend #3:Wellness focused on self-care

Self-care isn’t a buzzword—it’s a mindset. It’s the ability to go to your boss and chat with them about what’s going on with you and your well being. Employers are attempting to implement workshops and education about mental health and resources that are available to employees. When employees feel supported by their employer both in and out of the office, it can work wonders for their performance.


Trend #4:Wellness as a challenge

What office doesn’t love a little bit of competition? It’s now becoming trendy for offices to create challenges around fitness and to track it on an app or another digital database. Whether it’s a steps challenge or another measurable way to demonstrate wellness, it’s the perfect way to get everyone in the office involved. You can use Fitbit or Apple Health to help you (who doesn’t already carry around their phone all day anyway?).


Final thoughts

Maintaining a strong workplace goes back to ensuring that employees are healthy and well.These four trends are what some of the top companies out there are doing to ensure that their employees are doing well as people so they can maintain productivity and boost business. Start today and create a healthier work place for all!



Kim Phillips is an Executive Search Consultant at Morgan Consulting Resources, a healthcare executive search firm celebrating over 20 successful years in business.