Fitness at Your Fingertips

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October 31, 2022

Fitness at Your Fingertips


A fun way to wellness


Wellness is the new healthy! We must understand health to be acquainted with wellness since they’re directly related.


Health, as experts suggest, is not only the absence of sickness but a holistic approach to physical, mental, and social well-being.


Some significant lifestyle facets are regarded as elements of general wellness. They consist of awareness, exercise, good nutrition, and social connection. You can foster personal responsibility for your health by reaching an ideal level of physical well-being.


You do not need to train for the Olympics or adhere to a rigid diet to incorporate wellness. Initiate with baby steps. Change your daily habits to inculcate personal wellness. We have listed down some easy wellness ideas for you:


Daily 30:

The first wellness activity on our list is the infamous physical exercise. A thirty a day keeps the doctor away! Schedule a twenty to thirty-minute exercise or any form of rigorous physical activity in your daily planner. 

This ensures a successful first step to a holistic well-being approach. It can also help that sour mood of yours to brighten. Overwhelming? Try beginning with a brisk walk around the neighborhood. You might just become the beacon of motivation for many others procrastinating, and who knows how many walk-buddies would join the next day!


Love your Greens:

To be honest, it isn’t even about greens only. But mindful eating leads to securing that wellness approach. Do a favor to your health by adding wholesome ingredients to your plate. Cut on those carbs and fats and multiply minerals and vitamin sources. So, next time, when your tummy rumbles at odd hours, munch on an apple or gobble a bowl full of Salad. Keeping organic nuts and dates on the go would be the best alternative to avoid those vending machines.


Go for H20:

Although the 8-glass-a-day myth bust holds truth, the significance of hydration cannot be overlooked. A hydrated body is a happy body. Good hydration improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood. Drinking enough water lowers anxiety and depression risks. It helps rejuvenate skin and contributes to shiny hair. Hunger pangs hit low when you’re hydrated high, so the chances of consuming junk food decrease automatically.


Stress Down:

Mindfulness is a crucial step to personal well-being. Stop, and focus on your feelings. Listen to what the mind has to offer. Relax. Your daily 10-minute stress-relieving activity can be anything from calling a friend, gardening, writing, listening to your favorite music or socializing. The possibilities are endless.


 Sweet Dreams:

Sleep has a magical healing and restorative power. Set a six to eight hours sleep schedule and cling to it religiously. The right amount of sleep is important for the mind and body to function properly. Sleep is nature’s gift to a much-needed break for the brain, muscles, and various body systems. It helps us replenish our strength and strengthens our immune system.


Now you know you do not have to go for an overwhelming change for a wellness approach that ensures a healthy lifestyle. Follow these tips and join team wellness.


Kim Phillips is an Executive Search Consultant at Morgan Consulting Resources, a healthcare executive search firm celebrating over 25 successful years in business!