Company spotlight of MOBE with Chris Cronin, CEO.

Our Thoughts
December 14, 2021

Who is MOBE?

MOBE is a value-based wellness company. Combining data science with a novel one-to-one, whole-person approach, MOBE uses highly targeted outreach to engage participants, helping them achieve better health outcomes and better use of healthcare dollars –while guaranteeing savings for clients.


Using data-driven techniques, incentives, and highly relevant content, MOBE engages people via MOBE Guide, Pharmacist, app, or health improvement content. Guides and Pharmacists provide individuals with personal, one-to-one support. Together, they develop longitudinal relationships and create customized plans around nutrition, exercise, sleep, social and emotional health, and medication that improve health in meaningful and measurable ways. As a result, our engagement rates of 40% are significantly higher than the industry standard. 


How does MOBE differ from similar apps? 

Human interaction is at the core of the MOBE service and our app. Our app is a human-centered channel to facilitate discussions between individuals and their dedicated Guides and Pharmacists. We do not use chat bots to answer questions – Guides and Pharmacists answer questions. Participants can set goals, track progress, access personalized content, and manage appointments via the app. 


How has COVID-19 impacted MOBE?

As a health and wellness service provider, we were well-positioned to impact people positively duringCOVID-19. Our service is delivered telephonically, and via an app, so there was no disruption in service. If anything, we saw an increased need for our support. 


Internally, our leadership team made an early commitment to over communicate to all MOBE employees duringCOVID-19. The live, virtual communication continues, and balances business updates and culture-building activities delivered bi-weekly for the last 20+months. 


What kind of companies should consider partnering with MOBE?

MOBE has a robust product offering that provides opportunities to connect with various companies and health plans.


What lifestyle intervention does MOBE focus on? 

MOBE takes a whole-person approach to address lifestyle and medication use. We are not a disease-specific service, but instead, we see all facets of health being connected. 


MOBE Guides leverage their expertise across various backgrounds – including nursing, chiropractic care, and nutrition – to address fitness, sleep, social stressors, nutrition, and emotional health as part of overall well-being.  


MOBE Pharmacists conduct comprehensive medication reviews to improve health outcomes and reduce hospital readmission. For participants, this means evaluation of and guidance on prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and supplements.  


How do you utilize AI and other innovations to better clientengagement? 

MOBE provides a population health solution – without a one-size-fits-all population approach. Instead, MOBE leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and data science to identify those most likely to engage and have health needs that MOBE's network of Guides and Pharmacists can address.  


We have analyzed over a billion claims creating models that utilize 10,000+ variables including predictive costs and utilization patterns, co-morbidities, and RX and condition-specific triggers. We use the models to stratify the population, allowing us to customize outreach materials and content and to match people with a Guide and Pharmacist who has specific training and skills to address a person's unique health needs. As a result, we engage 40% of the population, a rate that significantly exceeds industry standards for a health and wellness service. We continually monitor the data to intervene as needed proactively. 


What is the company culture like at MOBE?

Our mission is to guide people to better health and more happiness, which is at the center of everything we do. We do this not only for the populations we serve but also for our workforce and communities. 


·       We believe in a friendly, human approach to helping people with their health. 

·       We are a culture built on trust, positivity, and wellbeing. 

·       We value a team made-up of differences who are eager to learn from each other, enabling personal growth across all groups, no matter individual life experiences.  


In 2021, MOBE earned Top Workplace awards at both the national and local levels. 


If someone is interested in learning more about MOBE, who should they contact?

If someone is interested in learning more about MOBE and the services we are proud to provide, please reach out to, or for more information.